Baby Dragons are born ready for action and perhaps some barbecue.

As the stronger of the two monsters in the volcano territory, Baby dragons have killed many a player. These young beasts, while not as fearsome as the full-grown dragon players have been eagerly awaiting for, still hold a fearsome reputation as a part of dragon-kind. Their scales provide great protection from idiots with maces and knights with swords alike.

Fighting baby dragons is something that should be done alone, and with no other player near you. This is because while yes, killing a baby dragon gives great amounts of experience. If you are surrounded by more dragons than you can handle, it is a moot point. Dragons have a fairly high rate of damage, but what is most dangerous about them is this: when killing lava goop and only lava goop, eventually, the whole volcano territory will be overrun with baby dragons. Therefore, having a split between killing baby dragons and lava goop is of utmost importance for anyone looking to hunt in this area. The only people exempt to this are those who are of levels thirty and higher, as their rate of taking damage is far lower to the damage given out.

They are as powerful as mummies so you should farm them. These are basically level 2 shrooms.

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