Capable of vomiting volatile fluids. . .

Description Edit

Enchanted Mushrooms are an interesting monster, to say the least. Their name suggesting to the idea they are in fact magical in some manner or shape. These poisonous monsters appear near the area that all players begin their adventure from. Having staked claim over the area dubbed the 'Enchanted Forest', these monsters reign as the second weakest monster currently capable of being found.


Artwork by Ravioli Rover

While being a low-leveled monster on its own, Enchanted Mushrooms are still quite strong in comparison to the average level ten-player they are fighting against, with their ranged attack and poisonous fluids.

This mob serves as an introduction to the difficulty of the Relmz world. Starting now, no mob will ever be as easy to fight as goop. :(

Strategy Edit

Fighting Enchanted Mushrooms is something low-level players should do in a group if doing so for the experience. One could find themselves surrounded by many of these mushrooms, with no way to escape.

Always bring antidote or poison resist. Shrooms can take off 200+ HP off even high level players.

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