First, you have to make a name for your character. After you have selected a name for your character type in the password in the password bar, make sure you remember it since you can't change/recover your password.


Click with the Left Mouse Button to move or attack.

Hold Right Mouse Button and drag it around to move the camera. Or use the left and right arrow keys.

E to open/close your Inventory.

Click on Items in your inventory to sell or use them, or put them into the hot bar.

Enter to open chat.

1-5 to use hot bar items.


Your character data gets autosaved when playing. (Make sure that it says 'Game Saved!' in the top left corner before closing the game!)

Kill Monsters to get Experience Points [XP], once you have enough XP, you will level up. Leveling up gives you more health, attack, and defense but not all the time you need good equipment.

Items will be dropped from Monsters. The higher level the monster the better the item drops are, however, be careful. Some monsters are too high level for you and might kill you faster than you can drink your health potions. Items can be bought from the Shop Keepers, if at a higher price than can they would be obtained for through mob-grinding.

Once you die your level will be reduced by one unless you are at level one. Alongside this, you will lose 25% of your fame. Note that fame is what defines your position on the leader board, not level.

You can add Weapons/Health Potions onto your hot bar to quickly swap between items. This will be helpful in fighting high-level mobs.

Note that when drinking potions while fighting Monsters, there will be a pause in attacking while you drink. This delay also applies to block, if you have a shield equipped.


  • Always keep some sort of potion at your disposal.
  • Always try to fight the monsters that 4 shots you or less.
  • Try to fight as many bosses as possible.
  • Keep an escape scroll close to get out of tricky situations.
  • Try to get other people fighting with you -- safety in numbers!
  • Never try to attack bosses when you are any level below them.