Ewww goblins...

Goblins are one of two mobs occupying the currently dubbed, 'Goblin Village'. They can be seen all throughout the village, brandishing their crude maces. While the individual goblin isn't much of anything a level ten in search of a shield has to worry about, the number at which goblins band together is threatening. As stated before, goblins make up the majority of the population for the Goblin Village, easily scaring off any unprepared player at the entrance of their home.

When fighting goblins, never go alone. The only time this should be ignored is if the one attacking the goblin village is of at least level twenty and above. By this point, any player should have gained adequate gear, weaponry, and understanding of the Relmz monster mechanics. Fighting goblins require one to be capable of quickly changing targets from one enemy to another, as otherwise, a player might find themselves quickly overwhelmed under an onslaught of malevolent maces and daggers. One other point of concern when fighting goblins is to not get distracted by the loot that goblins will drop. Doing so can result in death by failing to realize a goblin has just spawned right next to you. This can be fixed by simply having auto-loot enabled.

Don't farm these guys! They are weaker than the neighboring mummies and don't drop much. However, you will have to kill a few in order to reach the very sought-out shopkeeper to get potions and super potions.

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