Rumored to be a mature goop...

...Assuming they survive long enough.


The Gooma monster is similar to the Goop and Goomonger the latter being stronger and the former being weaker. It spawns on an platform relatively close to Spawn Village.

Gooma has 6-fingered hands which don't appear to be attached to the body. It attacks by spinning.


Gooma deals low damage and has moderate HP. Once Gooma is dead, if you have filled up the loot bar, you will get a chest that contains your loot. This makes Gooma a reliable source of decent gear and gold in the early game.

Level 10 players should be able to reliably solo Gooma.

Gooma drops a crazy amount of exp: half of that of a skel warrior. Do kill one, but don't farm them, as they only respawn every minute or so.


  • Gooma was actually added to the game after Goopmonger (needs confirmation).
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