His friends call him Goopy


Goop is the first monster any player will fight in the game. It has low health, low damage, little to no armor. Goops can be found all throughout Relmz, but mostly near the spawn area. Despite this, the little monster is often sought after for the healing apples that it drops.


Artwork by Ravioli Rover

Once a player has reached a sufficient enough level, or finds a strong piece of gear, the goop no longer becomes a threat. By levels 7-10, any player can sufficiently one-hit any goop. By levels 40+, goops will do 0 damage to you, and will work as pets :)

Toxic players will farm goop so beginners can't play. Don't be these people! Go farm mean goop or something!


  • Original models are by PI Entertainment [1].
  • You can only get apples from Goops.