This is the grinding cycle I (Not the opinion of fandom, just the opinion of a user) use. I hope it is suitable for levels of 50+. It takes about 10 minutes to level up, which is pretty fast. Also, you can get some really good equipment. Your chances of dying are near 0, the only way to die is to actively try to. Substitute mummies for skeletons if you wish, however they will give you less experience. This is probably the most rewarding due to the short distance to the chests. For more speed, keep at hand a Helis Scroll and an Escape Scroll so monsters die faster. Also, I recommend you use a build that gives you a high attack.


All of these are optional, but use them to make your experience go a lot better :)

Cycle Edit

Prelims Edit

This can be skipped entirely. I do it for the gold.

Shop [1] Edit

Get your gear ready! Don't dwell on nearby monsters too long, however.

Set this as your escape scroll for maximum speed!

  • Mummies (for some gold if you are lacking some)

Farming [2] Edit

  • Dash to the 3 door room in the templar (The trials of fate lie behind one of them).
  • Open a chest [a]
  • Go back
  • Lure in a mummified slave or a mummified guard. If you are feeling brave, lure in another.

If you are of a high level, attract as many as you wish.

  • Kill the monster(s).

Make circles around the room and never let them get too close!

  • Go back to trials of fate, and open a chest if it has regenerated.
  • Repeat from [a] until you have no more potions. Then dash out of the templar and repeat from [1].

Use an escape scroll if you have one.

If you really need speed Edit

You are most likely a high level. So, I would suggest fighting all the bosses. Keep a dagger with you so you can attack faster or better yet, use a scroll. This will also help you understand the bosses better. The list goes from easy to hard. Good luck!

  • Repeat.

Beginner Cycle Edit

This is the beginner cycle. It is low budget however, a Poynu Ax thrown in will make the process faster! Did you know that you actually go in a circle with this cycle?


This is so reckless and dangerous that you die 50% of the time. But hey, it's fast! This method is used by Editorree. You will need the Poynu Ax.

  • Sprint to the first chamber of the templar.
  • Get swarmed by the mummified slaves. Thank god there's only 4!
  • Kill them all. Use a few scrolls to make it faster.

A Poynu Ax will work on 3 at the same time!

  • Repeat: the mummified slaves will re-spawn as soon as you kill one of them, so you never need to wait.

You are right next to a shopkeeper! However, they only sell super potions so it may not suit your needs.
I hope this can be helpful.

-- Hithere 5/11/2020

--Editorree 5/14/2020

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