The long-awaited dragon...

Found as you would expect, deep in the lava lands, this big boss packs a bigger punch than the Goomonger. Compared to the Goomonger,

  • Gron has much higher HP
  • Gron has much higher attack damage
  • Gron deals burn damage instead of poison damage

Capable of obliterating low-level players, The best approach is to take on this beast if you are level 120+ (alone) or in a team with high-level players if you are not.

Loot Edit

Gron drops a collection of Helis gear, many of which grant fire resistance. Honestly, they aren't very good. Stats are to be added.

Unnamed 2

Helis Gear Set

Trivia Edit

  • Gron is a female dragon!
  • Gron is stronger than Tomb Guardian, Skel King, and Goopmonger.
  • You can try to use a bow on it, but anyone < level 100 will not do enough damage (the dragon heals constantly while it's still sleeping). If you don't want to be burnt, use Gron's Medallion.
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