The Items can be bought at the Shop Keeper(s) or can be looted from Monsters that you have killed. (Some loot are only from monster drops.

  • There are 3 items that are new in the game X attack, X critical, and X speed.
    • Use them to boost stats. Selling them is NOT a good investment.
    • They greatly increase a player's stats for a temporary period of time.
    • Atention: New Stuff Is Coming Next Update.

Helmets/Hats Edit

Elite Helm Dark Helm Woodland Helm Elite Wizard Hat Old Wizard Hat Rebel Headband
Iron Headband Gold Headband Cloth Headband Woodland Hat Feathered Hat Poynu Headband
Grons's Horns

Shoulder Pads Edit

Elite Shoulder Pads Dark Shoulder Pads Aquas Shoulder Pads Rubber Shoulder Poynu ShoulderPads Helis Shoulder Pads

Necklaces/Charms Edit

Fire Charm Aquas Charm Elven Charm Poynu Charm Gron's Medallion

Knee guards Edit

Elite Kneeguard Skull Kneeguard Aquas Kneeguard Poynu Kneeguard Helis Kneeguard

Shields Edit

Elite Shield Knights Shield Iron Shield Tainted Poynu Shield

Armor/Shirts Edit

Elite Vest Nekros Shirt Elite Shirt Aquas Shirt Woodland Shirt Old Shirt
Helis Shirt Dark Shirt

Gloves Edit

Nekros Gloves Iron Gloves Knights Gloves Golden Gloves Red Gloves
Blue Gloves Woodland Gloves Old Gloves Poynu Gloves Helis Gloves

Belts Edit

Nekros Belt Helis Belt Handmade Belt Red Belt Elite Woodland Belt

Kilts/Pants Edit

Elvish Kilt Nekros Pants Nekros Kilt Poynu Leggings Poynu Kilt
Aquas Kilt Red Pants Aquas Pants Woodland Pants Brown Pants
Helis Leggings

Boots Edit

Iron Boots Helis Boots Black Boots

Weapons Edit

Poynu Bow Excalibur Hornet Tainted Sword Iron Sword Poynu Axe Dwarven Axe
Iron Axe Simple Axe Long Axe Helis Dagger Iron Dagger Wooden Stick Book of Nekros

Items Edit

Apple Small Potion Potion Super Potion Antidote Poison Resist X Attack X Speed
X Critical helis scroll poynu scroll scape scroll
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