What? It's just a Goop. . .only a bit hotter.

Lava goop is on of two monster, which span in the volcano territory of Relmz. These monsters, much like their non-elemental cousins, are the weakest of their area. Small, unassuming, and just as capable of killing as any other monster. Lava goop gets its name from the changes its biome has wreaked upon it. Red, and understandably hot, the lava goop does more damage and has more health than a normal goop. Not so much health it's stronger than a big goop, but still more than it's normal counterpart.

Fighting lava goop is very similar to fighting that of a normal goop, only that now, the goop has more health, and does more damage. However, this only accounts for the lava goop itself, and the volcano territory has more than just one monster within it's premises. When fighting lava goop and only intending to fight lava goop, always note that if you kill the wrong one, a baby dragon might appear in it's place.

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