The game was created in the 2.8.2018 :)

Made with unity so no doubt Visual Studio Code IDE.

I think they use Netlify as a website hosting service probably why there are so many network errors (Netlify is optimized for websites like blogs without a server).

3 people are working on devclied#6231, sakkkki#4304, and

Some Game "Rules" Edit

1) If you die - you lose 1 level and exp.

2) If you level up, your experience resets to 0.

3) If you die - you lose 25% fame.

4) If you leave an area, the monsters will disappear. And after you come again, they will respawn (usually) in different places.

5) If players kill a monster then exp from monster split on a number of players (on half - exactly).

6) You can equip kilt or knee guard but not both

7) You can equip pants with knee guard

8) You can equip bow or shield but not both.

9) Max count of players on one server - 4.

10) Max gold - 1,000,000.

11) Current max level - 150.

12) HACK: If you die, you can refresh the page before the "Game Saved" shows up & disappears. This will bring you back to your last saved point, keep in mind that you might lose whatever loot/exp you collected before the game saved, but losing loot is better than losing a full level and exp! (Note this does not always work). You have a 1/10 chance of having this work.

13) Monsters have glitches where they punch you but you don't take damage. WORKS HALF THE TIME DON'T EXPLOIT or else you die.

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