The Enemies: Edit

Name Description Level
Goop A Simple Slime 1/2
Mean Goop A Middle Evolution 4/5/6
Enchanted Mushroom Guards Of The Enchanted Forest 5/6
Mad Hound Crazy Animals With Disturbing Mind 7/9
Goblin Myths Of The Invased Village 4/5
Goblin Thief Thiefer Of The Invased Village 5/6
Mummy Died Guy But Mummified 10/13
King Goop An Simple Adult Slime 4/7
Lava Goop Gron's Slimy Protector 4/6
Baby Dragon Child's Of An Dragon 4/5/6
Skel Mage Nekropolis Mage Of Cavern 20/26
Skel Wizard Student Of Magic 26/30
Skel Warrior Guards Of The Entrance Of The Cave 35/36
Mummified Slave Died Guy Who Have Been Revived To Be Slaves Of The Lost Tomb 40/41
Mummified Archer Most Hated Archer Of The Lost Tomb 43/44
Mummified Guard Guard Of The Legendary Chest Room And Orderer Of The Slaves 46/47
Boss List --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't Edit
Gooma The Goops Commander 10
Enchanted Oak The Enchants Queen 35/45
Skel king The Skellions Kingsler 80/85
Gron The Terrible The Terrible Dragon 95/100
Goomonger The Goops Leader 75/85
Tomb Guardian The Royal Rogue 120/125

Bosses: Edit

Gooma, The Goop's Commander: LVL 10

Enchanted Oak, The Enchants Queen: LVL 35/45

Skel King, The Skellions Kingsler: LVL 80/85

Gron, The Terrible Dragon: LVL 95/100

Goomonger, The Goops Leader: LVL 75/85

Tomb Guardian, The Royal Rogue: LVL 120/125

Atention: Next Update , Will Have Brand New Stuff.

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