Mummified Archer Edit

These archers are MAD! They are the result of cross-breeding Skel Wizards, Skel Mages, and Mummies: long-range damage with invisible arrows (hopefully to be fixed) in mummy form.

Don't mess with them. They appear to carry a modified version of the Poynu Bow. Hiding behind walls won't stop arrows from coming at you!

Strategies Edit

They appear to fire slowly, so your best option is to charge them and finish them off quickly. But if you find yourself swarmed by mummified guards and slaves, just run, or better yet, use an escape scroll! Thankfully they are low health and take much longer to shoot than you. However, once they shoot, you have an 11/10 chance of getting hit, even through walls! (Hopefully it is just a doing of developer laziness and not intentional)

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