An old spirit brought back to feed on unsuspecting adventurers.

Of the temple territory, these are the only mob to occupy them. Alone, mummies threaten players, with their unusual strength, and greater health, despite already being dead. Mummies only stray from their mindless shambling to hunt players, who have strayed unto their rough, course, and omnipresent sands.

Fighting mummies is something disturbingly hard for those of high level. Their great strength threatening those of even up to the level of twenty should they be unwary of their threat. Mummies are rather infamous on their own right for being too strong for their level. Fighting mummies mean you're usually either doing it for passage to the goblin village, or you simply haven't found out the strength of these undead horrors. But, they are grind-able when you use the ponyu bow. All you have to do is run and shoot. Most notably, however, is the fact that these monsters protect the entrance of a dungeon, much like the skeletal monsters.

Farm these guys! They give you lots of good stuff. Then go to templar and test fate.

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