Annoucement Edit devs are finally working on version 2!

  • Relmz has now been set up to run in a dedicated environment. Players will no longer host games, devs will instead.
  • There shouldn't be any more issues of lags or invisible mobs, hacking, autosave, etc.
  • Player count in games has been doubled.
  • Devs are building the V2 world map instead of using the current map.
  • A bigger world has been promised.

Hooray! Next month another one will come out.

Clarifications Edit

  • Levels and everything will stay the same, it will just be a new code and new servers.
  • No data leak or anything hence why it's going to take a few months.
  • Devs will be using their own server so the bugs will be fixed, less lag, no autosave issues, etc.
  • A much bigger world.
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