Level 1-10 Edit

Farm the Goop in the starting zone. Keep doing this until you are about level 9-10 and then try to move on to Shrooms (first right). Also, you may do Gooma, whenever it spawns it's the weakest boss, the exp and loot will help you at lower levels! If you are lucky, you will get an Iron Sword and Iron Shield from Gooma drops! If you have reached level 10 and didn’t get a weapon from Gooma, then just buy an Iron Dagger from the shopkeeper by the side of the road, also buy a Fire Charm if you have the gold for it. Remember to always equip better items and sell things you don’t need as you will need the gold later. Use apples to heal regularly. Also, go to the templar and test your fate! Bring lots of potions in case your health goes down to 1. Highly recommended: get 7 potions. They should be enough to help you survive the mummies and heal if fate frowns on you.

Level 10-15 Edit

At level 10 you should move onto Shrooms now because they give about 300exp per kill. Don’t forget to buy some small potions now so you don’t die! And don’t forget about Gooma, check sometimes if it spawns, it’s still exp and loot/gold! Your main goal now should be to level up and save 5,000 gold to buy Excalibur. Once you acquire 5k gold travel to gob town, you might need somebody to distract the goblins so you don’t get swarmed. When you arrive and are safe, buy Excalibar, it’s one of the best swords. If you don't like farming Shrooms, you can also go farm baby dragons and lava goops if you would like and just do that for the better gear/more gold (keep in mind that baby dragons are stronger than shrooms). Small potions or potions are good choices for healing.

Level 15-20 Edit

At level 15 you can start killing mummies for good exp and loot, but you will need potions, or you can farm with a group. You should be using potions as they give you 100 health.

Level 20-30 Edit

At level 20 you can kill any normal mobs in the game, but the only mobs worth your time are mummies and skeletons (You will need a group for killing skellys when level 20-30 to survive, however). When you hit level 20, I recommend trying to kill the skellys first thing to get some very good loot, but ALWAYS REMEMBER do not try to solo the skellys at this level as skellys are very op. Try to get together with a group when farming skellys for good gear. For fast leveling, go back to mummies for now. Also, stock up to 9,500 gold and get the Ponyu bow, located at nekropolis. You should be using potions as they give you 100 health.

Level 30-50 Edit

You should be farming mummies now because they give 500-700 exp per kill and you should be killing them in 1-3 hits. Also, mummies are a more sustainable farm source as they drop potions often. Compared to farming skeletons, which are very op, they often require trips back to buy potions, which wastes time and can be expensive. As mentioned above, do skellys when you have a group available to help so that you can get some good gears. But for solo farming, focus on mummies because they die faster, there aren't any long-range skelly mages blasting your face, they drop potions often, the area has plentiful mummies. You could also farm skeletons around level 40 if you haven’t gotten the best armors in the game yet, but mummies might be a faster way to level up until you are about level 55-60. Also, at level 50+ you can survive the bosses, you can ask for a group to help you kill dragon boss or Goomonger, both bosses drop very good equipment, such as the best ax (poynu ax) and the only bow in the game (poynu bow). By now, you should have at least 3+ super potions with you ready to use at any given time.

Grinding guide Edit

The following text are the recommended monsters, but you will now be able to use the grinding guide.

Level 50-60 Edit

You should now be able to fight skeletons! However, you will need to have an Excalibur and a Poynu bow. The skeleton warriors are easy to defeat with a bow because you have much range. However, when you are discovered by mages, use the Excalibur if you want. When the mages start moving, they stop shooting, so you should quickly switch to a bow to launch an attack. You should also be farming mummified slaves.

Level 60-150 Edit

You are now strong enough to fight skeletons for days! You should have enough HP to survive until skeletons drop potions and super potions. This will help you sustain fighting skeletons without having to walk back to the shop to refill all your potions. You can also go to the templar and farm mummified slaves and guards. Whenever you are ready, go fight the tomb guardian boss! Now grind until you get bored of the game!

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