Shop Keepers sell items. There are 5 Shop Keepers in the game. Their items are slightly higher than how much you can sell them. They are vital for beginners to get good gear and level up.

Shop Keeper (Human Village) Edit

Shop Keeper (Spawn)

Picture of Shop Keeper at Spawn

Location Edit


Goods Edit

Small Potion Simple Axe Woodland Helm Aquas Charm
 Woodland Belt Aquas Shirt Woodland Pants Iron Gloves
Black Boots

Shop Keeper(Side of Road) Edit


Picture of Shop Keeper at Dragon Lair

Location Edit

Dragons Den

Path: Take the first left after spawn.

Goods Edit

Small Potion Iron Dagger Elite Woodland Hat Fire Charm
Old Wizard Hat Elite Shirt Cloth Headband Knights Kneeguard
Elite Woodland Belt Potion

Shop Keeper (Goblin Village) Edit

Shop Keeper (Goblin)

Picture of Shop Keeper at Goblin Village

Location Edit

Goblin Encampment

1st Path: Past Mushrooms, after that past Mad Hounds

2nd Path: Past Mummies

Goods Edit

Potion Knights Shield Super Potion Aquas Shoulder Pads
Golden Gloves Rebel Headband Red Belt Elven Charm
Barbarians Axe Excalibur

Shop Keeper (Nekros Realm) Edit

Location Edit

Nekros Realm

1st Path: At the end of the area with Skels, where the old man stands at the entrance

Goods Edit

Poynu Bow X Attack Hornet Iron Sword
Potion Dark Shirt

Shopkeeper (Lost Tomb) Edit

Shop (1)

Shopkeeper at the Lost Tomb

Location Edit

Lost Tomb (Part of Corrupted Temple)

1st Path: Head over to Corrupted Temple, enter Lost Tomb entrance, and take the first left

Goods Edit

Super Potion X Attack X Speed X Critical
Knights' Shield Elite Shield Helis Dagger Iron Shield
Excalibur Hornet
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