Skel King Edit

Found in the cave in Nekropolis Realm, this level 75 boss can be fought when you beat all the other waves. He is the last wave, and a force to be reckoned with.

(There is believed to be levels that you cannot see or fight him on, testing in progress.)

-Don't quote this page on that :)

Strategies Edit

Level ~80 Solo Strategy: Edit


  1. 10 X Speed
  2. 10 X Critical
  3. 10 X Attack
  4. Elite Shield
  5. Excalibur , Dwarven Axe or Poynu Axe , if u want ranged , use Poynu Bow in Lvl 120.
  6. 10 Super Potions (+ 500 HP)
  7. 10 Potions (+ 100 HP)
  8. Escape Scroll

General Tips:

Set Escape Scroll to the shopkeeper in Skel Cave. Use super potions when your HP reaches ~100. Make sure your stats are constantly boosted while you are fighting. If you run out of potions, use an escape scroll to teleport back to the shopkeeper, and return as fast as possible. The Skel King regenerates HP while you are doing this, but it will not fully recover like other bosses. Lower levels may have to make more refill stops, but remember to do it fast.

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