The biggest boy - but loves coloring when he isn't destroying adventures.

As one of the two mobs currently spawning in skeleton territory, this monster has a certain amount of infamy. Having high health, and equally high damage, this mob is the bane of under-powered, under-geared, and unprepared players. Capable of killing low level players in one swing of its sword, the skeleton warrior has gained a reputation of being a mob only late-game players can fight alone. When fighting these mobs, it is best to be in a group of two or more players, as having multiple spawn atop of you while looting gear can result in very unfortunate deaths.

Furthermore, when fighting these mobs, be mindful of where they spawn, players who did not expect their high amounts of health and damage beforehand tend to leave them in problematic areas. One issue that happens is when a low-leveled player will leave a skeleton warrior in front of the only entrance to the skeleton territory. This would evidently cause problems for other players in said territory, as they would have to run past this monster to return to the area outside.

These creatures are easy to kill when you are level 50+. Don't attract too much attention from the mages or else you will die!