Realistically, there are only 2 builds that you will ever need to swap between/use.

They are: High Attack Build and High Crit Chance Build (crits deal 2x regular damage). You can also try a mix between more attack/ more crit.

Short Guide to Stats (to avoid confusion) Edit

ATTACK: How much damage the player deals with the mobs. The actual number varies depending on the mobs' defensive stats.

CRITICAL CHANCE: How likely the player is going to deal with a critical hit. Critical hits deal double the usual damage.

SPEED: How fast the player attacks. For slow weapons like the Poynu Axe, the time between each hit is about 2-3 seconds. For fast weapons like the Helis Dagger, the time between each hit is about 0.5 seconds. The greater the speed stat, the faster you can finish off a mob.


1) High Attack Build Edit

Arguably the best build in-game. This is because weapons/armor increases attack by percentages. So the higher level you are, the more useful a 5% increase in attack becomes. You can also equip an ax with this build to further increase your attack, which can help you reach an attack level high enough to 1 shot certain mobs.

At level 150 the stats are as follows:

Health 930, Def 803, Block Chance 40, Burn Resist 35%, Attack 1004, Spd 45, Crit Chance 28

Helm: Elite Helm
Charm: Fire Charm
Shoulder: Elite Shoulder Pads
Shield: Elite Shield
Shirt: Helis Shirt
Gloves: Nekros Gloves
Belt: Nekros Belt
Kilt: Elvish Kilt
Boots: Helis Boots
Weapon: Poynu Axe or Dwarven Axe

2) High Critical Chance Build Edit

(good to use when your attack is just high enough where 2 regular hits to kill a mob. Going high crit chance, in this case, will help you kill that mob faster with 1 crit, and thus farm faster. This build also has higher defense than the Attack Build, this can help lower level players that are trying to join a group to kill bosses and don't want to get 1 shot).

At level 150 the stats are as follows:

Health 935, Def 823, Block Chance 40, Burn Resist 50%, Attack 784, Spd 100, Crit Chance 66, Poison Resist 5%

Helm: Dark helm
Charm: Fire Charm
Shoulder: Helis ShoulderPads
Shield: Elite Shield
Shirt: Helis Shirt
Gloves: Nekros Gloves
Belt: Nekros Belt
Pants: Nekros Pants
Kneeguard: Helis Kneeguards
Boots: Helis Boots
Weapon: Book of Nekros or Excalibur

Choosing The Correct Shield (Bonus) Edit

For high level players, it is also important to choose the right shield for your needs. This can mean the difference between life and death in some cases. Why? Read on! :)

Shield Types: Edit

Blockers: These shields are built to block shots, meaning there is a chance you won't take damage. Elite Shield currently has the high block in the game.

Tankers: These shields are built to add defense, meaning they help reduce the damage you take. Iron Shield is the best for this purpose.

What is Block Lock? Edit

Block lock occurs when a player is being attacked by multiple monsters at the same time (swarms). When you are using a Blocker-type shield, you will find yourself constantly blocking shots. Since you cannot attack when you are blocking, you are essentially paralyzed and can't do a thing.

Solutions Edit

When farming swarms that cannot be easily killed with 1 or 2 hits, try a Tanker instead. This will prevent you from getting block locked.

When doing boss fights, try a Blocker, which can save you from deadly hits.

-Good Luck Relmz Players!

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