Description Edit

This frightening boss protects an unknown treasure that drops ok loot... Don't get too close!

Tomb Guardian is lvl 120/130

He gives similar loot to Goomonger (poynu set), and a decent amount of gold.

It MIGHT HAVE 0,1% of chance to give Nekros Book [UNPROVEN]

Strategy Edit

Tomb Guardian has high damage and high burn damage


  1. Helis scroll does unusually high damage to Tomb Guardian. Take advantage of this.
  2. Bring Super Pots.

If you are level 120+ and you have a Poynu Ax, feel free to kill it!

Note: the only way out is by escape scroll so make sure you use a shop before entering the arena. Do not go up the stairs as this will automatically log you out of the game.

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